Dear Diary : Day 5

Well I didn't do much today. But most importantly I did two things. There is some poster presentation for our research project, so that poster is finished. And I designed blue prints for my case! Yes. new computer case. Actually it's not a case, it's a skeleton. I always wanted to do a open bench pc just because it needs very low amount of fans and it runs cooler than any case with good air flow. Why spend $180 on a Corsair Obsidian 750D when you can get same performance with less fans and less noise? As for the estimation the skeleton build will cost around $50. It's not so cheap compared to available cases in the market. For an instance Corsair 230T and Cooler Master 600 something are just 60$. And man that Corsair 230T is just frikking awesome! Just pure sex to eyes at that price point.

Anyway I saw this in a youtube video by newegg. I'm planning to do the same thing with a different style. I will add 2 step boards for Optical drives and another rail for power and other switches. So it's going to be somewhat different. Going to paint it black. And rubber sheilds everywhere I can possibly put.

There are some flaws in this rig because this was focused on a mining computer and not for an everyday computer. So I'm going to fix that by using thin rubber layers at fittings and under the boards to stop vibrations. It will work imho.

I sometimes wonder if I'm the only with sound intolerance. Seriously people don't want dead silent computers? Because most computers I see are like frikkin jet machines! LOL

Dear Diary : Day 4

Today sucked! And it was expected to be. Finished half of mid exams and other half in two weeks. So the hell are going to study on the next day :D So the only thing did was playing Alan Wake and Dota 2 for like 12 hours from the morning. About 9pm my head was spinning. Alan Wake is so amazing and I wonder why I didn't get it to play before.

Alan wake is super awesome. For a 2012 game it has the best graphics I've seen. At the efficiency per graphics output this game delivers, I think ubisoft should be ashamed of their sucked ass Watch Dogs. Everything from vehicles to mountain scenarios looks so awesome. Mind you that this is a 2012 game. I'm so excited to finish this game. But I'm long way from that for now :D

And tomorrow I'm going to take measures for my rig build. I'm going to make a open air chassy. And let's see how it will go.

Have to complete my project. I won't be able to integrate CUDA in to that at this rate of developing. I'm so sad about that. At least should finish the project though. I'm so sad about that :( And there are no very large data sets in it. Part of my mind says CUDA will actually slow it down due to the memory transfer time due to Unity's slow ass responsive.

See you later folks :)

Dear Diary : Day 3

Okay there are 2 main things for today. Boring and exhausting day. Had lectures all day long :(

1) I didn't buy a cooler
2) I suck!

Well yeah I didn't really buy the damn cooler because I'm going to disassemble all components and re-seat everything again from CPU heat sink to everything with rubber dampers. There is no real need to invest on a cooler when my boxed cooler is enough for my unclockable i7 4770.. I'll give that a try and buy a cooler if that doesn't go well.

And next I suck. I installed Dota 2 again. I'm a horrible person and I'm going to be wasted and hate my life in upcoming years. Period!

Btw this is from a match I spec'd today. This guy who played "Tinker" was so badass! :D Having a presentation and an online exam tomorrow. Didn't study yet. Fingers crossed! O.o

Dear Diary : Day 2

Today was very complicated. For last couple days only thing I did on the morning was tweaking my PC. Well that happened today also. Till 1am only thing i did was tweaking the computer. Yesterday I set up a fan controller and a switch to regulate fans and today I disconnected and removed all fans and controller stuff from the computer. My ears are so sensitive that I can't stand the small humming coming from case fans. So I removed them all. And thought to go for a open bench PC system.

This is not mine. This is from So what I want to to do this! Currently only the CPU fan is remaining which is the boxed intel stock cooler. To ventilate I removed all panels around the case. Even the front panels. Now everything is very quiet. But my point is to have a dead silent PC. Intel stock cooler makes some weird sound. I might buy a Cooler master Hyper evo 212 tomorrow. I mean possibly I will. Reviews say that it's very quiet and efficient. I sure can use some cooling to my CPU. Let's see if I get a cooler or not. May be not because my pc is already silent. I don't know. May be I will buy it and try to make a dead silent PC.

And I'm going to slowly plan to make a test bench PC. Those plans are for another day. Productivity wise, today sucked ass too. I could only do some research paper work. Very sad. My time is vanishing and I'm still the same stupid ass who used to be :( 

And tomorrow is saturday and I have weekend lectures. Funny thing happened! When I wrote the first line of this paragraph my wireless keyboard died. Well it's almost 1 year old. Pretty decent. It's Logitech MK270 combo I guess. Solid product. Love it! But not much as the DAS keyboard. It's just pure luxury to hands and ears!  <3 I'm off to bed. If anyone is reading this thing, you have my gratitude and good night hugs :P

Dear Diary : Day 1

I thought of writing one blog post per day. Under the main title of "Dear Diary". Honestly I don't know I would able to write this for how much time. My blog posting is so epic that I always forget :P
So the idea of diary posting is to remember and analyze all the work I've done for the day. So I think it will make the day productive. As these days are non productive as shit, I need a change of life.

Okay the mid exam is over and the next problem is the research presentation for mid review. Well that sucks :( I have a lot of work to do. Mid exam was okay I guess. It was on Business law and marketing. Which I hardly understand anything. :D

In the morning I did some modification to my PC. Relocated the fan control pod and added a switch to power extra cooling fans when I need them for gaming. And did overclock my GPU. Overclock was good. Actually it gave me some very good results. I ran Uniengine Valley and resulted around 8-12 FPS gain. Pretty impressive for a GPU which has been overclocked at the factory by default. FYI my GPU is a MSI Twin Frozer GTX 760 OC version. It really overclocks well. So happy. After playing a little bit, removed the overclock and set everythig to default because right now for 60FPS I don't need any overclock with this card at 1080p. I think I may overclock this in the near future when I need any extra performance.

And seems like Nvidia 800 Maxwell series are coming out. I don't think they will give a huge performance boost as 28nm die is around 200nm(sq) shrunk compared to last generation. Anyway I hope to see GTX780 performance from a GTX860. If that's the case I would gladly sell my card and invest for a GTX860. If not I will wait for the next platform. I can run some miles with this card. People the thing is no matter your GPU technology is updated, your games are always tweaked to console quality to save the hassle of porting and shit. So I guess we are long way away from worrying for GPU performance hits as mid range GPU owners.

Anyway back to diary. Afternoon after some good sleep and happy 2 hours of Battlefield multiplayer awesomeness, I started to write my draft report for research and research paper for SQA modules. Well these were the worst hours I had for today. Got me almost 5 hours to complete. I don't like writing. Seriously! Blog posting is one thing. I can write whatever thing that comes to my mind. But writing formal documents are a pain in the ass. Follow guidelines and write almost nonsense about something you can tell in few sentences. The main thing about formal documents is writing nonsense. For an example just take a random research paper. Count the lines which have duplicate meanings. You will find plenty! I mean like many!

I think that's it for today. Not a good day. Negative day indeed. So sleepy now as it's 1am here in Sri Lanka. My eyes are closed and thank god I'm great in touch typing. Otherwise I would have to proof read this thing again :D  Good night <3