Fixing your models to suit Unity3D

This small video will help you to create and export your models from Blender in to Unity3D supported axis format of fix your downloaded models from whichever web site to suit to Unity3D format. Process it very straight forward and easy. This is nothing to be blogged or youtubed, but I noticed that too many people are facing this issue but there are very little informative guides on that. So why not make a video out of that? hahaa.. Enjoy :)

Acer eDisplay Management issues with Windows 8.1? Well solved it with ScreenBright!

When I bought my Acer 24inch monitor about and year ago it came with a nice software to change all the monitor settings via DDC/CI protocol. And it was great! Done everything I wanted. That software was good for Windows 7 and  8 but not for 8.1 . I don't know why Acer is abandoning customers like this not making another update for monitor customers for windows 8.1 . So even with windows 8 it has some nasty issues like resetting settings once in a while. Even though it worked great in windows 8 rather than completely not working state on windows 8.1. Some say it's depend on GPU too. I don't know if that's true. May be. But this little software is a life saver. Name's ScreenBright and it has been on the internet for quite a while and I just got to know about that today. You don't even have to install the software to use it. Just download it and fire up, you are ready to make changes to RGB color levels, contrast and brightness. That's pretty much we need from a monitor control software right? And this software is completely free. :D

Download ScreenBright

Here's the GUI. It's nothing much. Very simple and easy to use. Mucho Gusto :D

M2H Unity Networking Tutorials

I don't like Unity3D. Not at all. It feels like I'm drawing in blender and suddenly works as a game. Anyway for a university project we have to build a multiplayer thing in unity3d. So when I was researching about the unity3D multiplayer it was quite easy. Like easy as 123. But there are some very good points on managing lag and whatnot. These tutorials must help on anyone who needs to learn Multiplayer in Unity3D from the beginning.

These tutorials are from M2H. The way I see, this is the best tutorial you can ever find in the internet. They released two versions of this. First version is free and second one is to be purchased for $50. Now frist version is removed from the server and only the pay to download version is available. These uploads eliminate your hassle to find the project files and paying fees :P :P Happy Networking :)

Version 1 :  Download Here

Version 2 :  Download Here

Budget gaming rig done right!

Okay finally I switched back to a desktop again. When I bought all those components the first thing I did was connecting everything together and messy. It looked so confusing to even look at it. On that day I ran out of cash and bought a generic looking case by Astrum from E-Globe Solutions. When I assembled, it looked awful. I was blaming myself for buying a crappy case just because I was out of cash. No room for cables and so on.

For these few days I've been watching for a new case and found Corsair Carbide Air 540 as amusing. On the way home I bought a zip tie pack just to tie up some messy cables. And just before an hour ago I finished cable management inside computer. Man that's awesome. I was wrong. Case is more than enough. It was me who didn't do the cable mgt right. So after correcting my mistake case looks lot cleaner and spacious. Now I don't see a point why I should buy a new case. Either way this is going to hide in the back of my 23 inch Acer monitor. So better invest that money for a SSD I guess. And temperatures are good too. With the small stock cooler ideal temps are around 35-40C and on full load around 75C. Good ventilation and 2 fans for push hot air from back and pull cool air from front.

So this is the PC after cable Mgt. Some cables couldn't be placed as I wanted, because wires are not that long. I should buy some extenders to them as soon as I head back to the shop.

And this is how it was back then... Very good improvement considering casing is small and PSU is non modular.

So point of this blog post is if you are in a tight budget, don't spend much on a case. This $20 casing holding a i7 4770, MSI Twin Frozr 760 OC and a Seasonic 500W PSU with other usual suspects like DVD RW and HDD. It's more than enough. If you walk an extra mile you will always find better looking casings for a cheap price. Invest money on hardware. And most important thing is look if your cheap casing have good ventilation. Without that cheap wont do any good.

Finally I switched back to a desktop!

For a long time I've been using a laptop for my everything from gaming to programming. I used  an Acer 4750G laptop. With following configuration.

Intel i5 - 2410m CPU
Kingston 8GB DDR3 1333Mhz RAM
Toshiba 500GB 5400RPM HDD
Nvidia GT540M 1GB GPU

It served me pretty well and still do. Now I use it as my second computer and newly bought desktop is rocking if you ask me :)

Main reasons I wanted a new computer was programming and gaming. It was almost impossible to play games with it at around 25FPS in 1280*720 resolution. And rendering 3D models and working with Unity3D was a nightmare returning around 17FPS in the terrain models we work. And not to forget cuda. Only 96 cuda processors to run my cuda codes. And the frikking HEAT!  It's around 60C at ideal, and 80-95C when I work with Unity3D and playing COD4 at 720p. Awful right? Reason is sensor in motherboard is not working and replacing the motherboard is the only solution. So I'm keeping the laptop for only low performance intensive purposes.

So I got my new shiny new computer :D

Intel i7 - 4770 (non K)  CPU
Apacer 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz RAM
MSI Twin Frozr GTX760 OC GPU
MSI H81-P33 Mobo

Didnt't get a new HDD because I had a Transcend 1TB external HDD with only 200GB used. So I'm using it now as a Windows-To-Go drive so I can take the hard disk and simulate the same desktop with same settings anywhere. So far no complaints other than 3 minute bootup time. Once booted up, everything's up to speed.

Performance is absolutely awesome. Played with unity3D and frame rate is around 80. Sweet! And watch dogs is returning around 60FPS all maxed out. Pretty awesome GPU.

For CPU it's not stressing at all. Very good for 60Hz movie frame interpolation and rendering. Maximum CPU usage is around 50% so far :)

So here she is. Didn't do any cable mgt or whatsoever. Got back to working straight :P